The Artistry of…Anita O’Day

The sound is a west coast swinging kind of cool. Maybe it was the early training on drums that solidified the uncanny knack for rhythm and swing? A survivor her days of drug and narcotic use and abuse dealt her a significant blow but she countered it. A near death overdose was addressed by her with frankness. Flouting the times she countered the misogynist attitudes of a male dominated genre and forced the industry to take her for who she was and not what or what they wanted her to be. Her life in music was always challenged by her addictions but she challenged back. She faced the many different consequences many times. The artistry was in that ferocity and originality. The style has been described as ‘avoidance of the obvious’. Her real name was Anita Belle Colton. Say it, the name rolls like the music she made.