The Artistry Of… Kurt Elling

Kurt Elling instantly takes you somewhere smart and sophisticated. His voice is like a grand avenue. He takes you on it cruising gently through. Gently because the ride is for you. It is intimate, shared and clear – There is no mystery.

The delivery is bang on every time. Precise and articulate the artistry is in the ability to give an always his best performance. Could he ever have an off night? Sure he could – he’s only human after all but when he’s on it’s without flaw or blemish. Human because it comes with his bit of a mischievous personality. The gentle gestures like the smile that says you got the joke. The artist and his voice. So much dedication to the art, his crafting of it and the music. Want to escape into a place where the music makes you feel smart and sophisticated? Listen to the artistry of music made by Kurt Elling