The Artisry of … Dianne Reeves

Wynton Marsalis said this about Dianne Reeves, “She has one of the most powerful, purposeful and accurate voices of this or any time.” She is a five time Grammy winner and if you think that’s been enough for her you’d be wrong – she’s still excitingly evolving. In her early years she toured with Harry Belafonte. Her influences come from diverse sources and she has manifested them with style and grace and with an artistic stamp all her own. She’s been described as taking these influences and trying them all on, with breathtaking results. She successfully blurs the lines of musical styles and artistically she’s found her own ways to link everything from old-school scat singing all the way to contemporary pop and R&B. She’s been part of “Sing the Truth,” a recent musical celebration of Nina Simone that also featured Liz Wright and Angelique Kidjo. With her you get everything from expertly channeling Sarah Vaughan to belting out steamy, gospel-infused soul numbers.