That Eric Alper! – November 8, 2011

Born on this day in 1948, Trumpeter Kamau Adilifu (Charles Sullivan).  More known for his recordings as sideman with Woody Shaw, Dollar Brand, Ricky Ford, and King Curtis, he’s also recorded three albums as leader: Here’s Re-Entry:

Today in 1944, Billie Holiday records “Don’t Explain.” It is said Billie wrote “Don’t Explain” after her husband, Jimmy Monroe, came home one night with lipstick traces on his collar. He BETTER explain it:

Happy Birthday to Russel l Malone! He’s played with jazz organist Jimmy Smith from 1988—1990, the Harry Connick Jr. Big Band from 1989-1994 and became part of the Diana Krall trio, participating in three Grammy-nominated albums, the final one in 1999, “When I Look In Your Eyes,” winning Best Vocal Jazz Performance. Here’s a “Fireside Chat” with Russell, and I don’t believe for a minute he was near a fireplace:

Ottawa Citizen’s Travel section takes a look at Montreal, and their incredible jazz scene:

Why is the music publisher that gave us The Beatles less important to the culture than a Flemish painting?

Chick Corea has launched a month-long residency at the Blue Note in NYC. JazzWax has a three-art interview this week:   Part 1:

Nothing more aptly exemplifies the classic DIY spirit than a jazz musician managing his or her own independent record label. The options for self-releasing one’s own music may be more numerous than ever, but it still takes a savvy, business-minded artist to maintain a fully functioning label with the brand recognition to endure in today’s overcrowded marketplace. Musicians In Charge: Artist-Run Labels –

One of the saddest parts of albums disappearing was the loss of incredible cover art that could tell a story before the cellophane ever came off and the album hit the turntable. Bante brings to life the jazz album covers of Blue Note Records in this oldie but goodie promo video from 2009, “Hi-Fi.” –

What happens when a community loses its newspaper?

All Brands Are Publishers, Learn How to Be a Good One:

Among the many repercussions of the News Corp. phone-hacking scandal, the most mysterious has been its effect on Rupert Murdoch’s children: