That Eric Alper! – July 24, 2013

Terry Gilliam was a part of Monty Python’s Flying Circus from its outset, at first credited as an animator (his name was listed separately after the other five in the closing credits), later as a full member. His cartoons linked the show’s sketches together, and defined the group’s visual language in other media (such as LP and book covers, and the title sequences of their films). Here are all of his animated sketches in one place:

The importance of tenacity in the current music business and some advice about how artists can create a flexible marketing plan:

Dear Mr. Watterson is a documentary film that explores the impact of the greatest comic strip ever: Calvin & Hobbes – in theaters November 15th:

The man sawed in half is the go-to trick of every hokey carnival magician, but it’s not often you see it taken out for a walk. So you can imagine the reactions of people seeing Andy Gross approaching them in two pieces (with the requisite scary growl) might run the gamut from sheer terror to mild amusement to doubling over in laughter.

While making of a list of the greatest music documentaries of all time would be an exercise in futility that would probably drive us insane, compiling a list of six great documentaries made in the last five years would be easier. This list also includes a rash of great films made in the last two years, as we seem to be in sort of a golden age of the music doc.