That Eric Alper! – August 14, 2013

Canada’s Apollo Music have purchased a ‘hoarder house’ collection of 250,000 records after its owner passed away leaving behind a treasure chest of the plastic stuff including over 20,000 45′s.

Comedian Christina Bianco sings Bonnie Tyler’s “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” as Adele, Cher, and several other divas.

The Village Voice answers the question “Why Is My Obscure, Vinyl-Only Band So Obscure?”

The iPad has some tricks up its sleeve that you might not know about.

The perfect karaoke song is elusive, author Rob Sheffield says, but can be found: “You don’t want it to be too introverted, like a Belle and Sebastian song for listening to alone in your room,” he says. “You want a chorus where people who don’t already know the song will be able to join in.”  In case that’s not enough guidance, Rob Sheffield shares 10 perfect karaoke jams: