Terry McElligott

Photo: Frank Nagy

A little bit about me, Terry McElligott:

I attribute my early interest in radio to my mother. She had radios all over the house. She tuned in a lot.

Chance Occurrence #1: a radio station tour, age 12, that connected some dots, and got me focused on a career in the medium.

Chance Occurrence #2: my very first on-air job was producing a jazz program. By the time JAZZ.FM91 was in the planning stages, I was long, long gone from radio but jazz always caught my ear.

Chance Occurrence #3: a passing remark that Toronto was soon going to have a jazz radio station. Here we are today.

Some other things about me: I like to get out on my bicycle. I take a lot of photos. I love anything that flies. I know that travel is the best education, and I really, really like jazz. Can’t play a note, myself, but I sure do admire anyone who does.

Terry can be heard as the host of Midday Jazz, every weekday from 10AM – 2PM.

Contact Terry at terry@jazz.fm