Superior Court of Justice Commercial List Ruling

December 14, 2018

Earlier today, the Superior Court of Justice heard the Commercial List Application between Brian Hemming and JAZZ.FM91. Justice Sean Dunphy has ordered JAZZ.FM91 provide the email addresses of donor members to Mr. Hemming. The Justice denied that JAZZ.FM91 was obligated to provide donor member telephone numbers. Justice Dunphy also denied Mr. Hemming’s request that JAZZ.FM91 file three declarations.

JAZZ.FM91 values and respects the privacy of our donors. Counsel advised JAZZ.FM91 not to release donor member email addresses and phone numbers as there was no legal authority or precedence to do so. Moreover, to do so without a Court Order would have contravened our privacy policies.

JAZZ.FM91 will respect the order of the Court.

The Justice ordered JAZZ.FM91 to pay 40 per cent of Mr. Hemming’s total legal costs of $50,000.

We will have a further statement next week.