Sam Little

Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Sam Little is a Toronto-based bassist, composer, arranger and educator.

Sam is well-versed in a variety of idioms from Jazz to folk to R&B. Comfortable on both electric and upright basses. Prior to arriving in Toronto, Sam completed his degree in Jazz Performance at the University of Manitoba under the tutelage of Steve Kirby, Jimmy Greene, George Colligan, Larry Roy, Derrick Gardner and Quincy Davis. Throughout his degree and onward Sam maintained an active presence on the Winnipeg music scene.

Sam has performed with a number of artists including – Larry Roy and Erin Propp, George Colligan, Quincy Davis, Ron Paley, Lenny Chet Breau, & Mira Black. Currently completing his Masters of Music at the University of Toronto, Sam is busy composing, teaching and appreciating the exceptional breadth of music this city has to offer.

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