Preservation Hall Jazz Band to release LP

Preservation Hall Jazz Band is set to release an LP this April, and it’s Cuban themed.

The album, titled So It Is, will be released on Legacy Recordings with the main single “Santiago”.

“There’s been a connection between Cuba and New Orleans since day one – we’re family … [a] gigantic light bulb went off, and we realized that New Orleans music is not just a thing by itself; it’s part of something much bigger. It was almost like having a religious epiphany” bandleader-bassist Ben Jaffe told RollingStone.

The LP will be available starting April 21.

Track list

1. “So It Is”
2. “Santiago”
3. “Innocence”
4. “La Malanga”
5. “Convergence”
6. “One Hundred Fires”
7. “Mad”