One-Stop Jazz Safaris

Join Jaymz Bee as he hosts the One-Stop Vocal Jazz Safari — the most renowned vocal showcase in Canada — where up to 24 singers perform in a three-hour show, backed by an all-star house band.

More than 140 singers have performed at this event over the years.  Every singer is unique and talented. Their CDs are available onsite, and you can get them autographed or have a photo taken with the artist.

Singers featured are a surprise every time, but we can tell you that in the past we’ve welcomed Molly Johnson, Errol Fisher, Luis Mario Ochoa, Don Francks, Barbra Lica and David Statham — just to name a few. 


DONATE HERE to attend, or call 1-800-811-2400

Double: $500/$42 monthly
Single: $250/$21 monthly