Nikki Yanofsky presented by the Living Arts Centre, Mississauga

Date: January 18th, 2018
Venue: The Living Arts Centre, Mississagua

In her relatively young career, Nikki Yanofsky has worked with a stunning assortment of music legends—Quincy Jones, Herbie Hancock, Stevie Wonder. On January 18th, the Montreal-based singer/songwriter will fill the Living Arts Centre Mississauga with her unique voice and jazz stylings!

Though her collaborations with some of biggest names in the music industry come with bragging rights, Nikki instead talks about a lesser-known man who gave her a break. “My dad. He had this band called Past Their Prime Time Players,” says the Montreal native, raised on The Beatles and Motown. “It was basically a bunch of middle-aged men jamming, and I would sing songs with them.” The basement her stage, the 10-year-old would take on weighty classics such as Aretha Franklin’s “Chain of Fools.”

After incredible performances in battle-of-the-bands competitions, word got around about Nikki, and the founder of the respected Montreal jazz festival reached out. Suddenly, she was performing to a field of 125,000 people. Since then, Nikki Yanofsky has become the youngest headliner in the history of that festival, including being the voice of the 2010 Winter Olympics with her number one hit ‘I Believe’. She has released two studio albums, 2014’s Little Secret (executive-produced by Quincy Jones) and four years earlier, her self-titled album (produced by the legendary Phil Ramone) which went platinum in Canada. However with her newest release, Solid Gold, Nikki is finally getting personal. The album chronicles Nikki’s relationship with her longtime boyfriend, broaching the topic of love through a spectrum of themes and sounds, her emotions as in-the-moment as possible. “My goal was to have no goal,” she says. “Last record, I wanted to bridge pop and jazz. This time, I wanted to get introspective—however that came out. It’s more about voice and not about a genre.”

Nikki Yanofsky, January 18th at the Living Arts Centre, Mississagua – for tickets and info visit