Nik Hurst

Nik Hirst is a celebrated keyboardist and songwriter, and one of the most diverse and versatile young musicians in the burgeoning Hamilton Music Scene. Nik Began as predominantly a Rock musician, before studying Jazz Piano with first Brian Cashion at Keynote  music studio, and later Adrian Farrugia at Hamilton’s Mohawk College. At Mohawk, Nik was educated by respected musicians and educators such as Pat Collins, Darcy Hepner, Jamshed Turel, Kirk Starkey, and Anthony Michelli. Nik has been a member of the Hamilton All Star Jazz Band, under the direction of Russ Weil, and has played in tributes, “The Ring of Fire: A Johnny Cash Experience” and “Here Today: Canada’s Paul McCartney Tribute”. Nik is an in-demand sideman, but has also worked extensively as a bandleader, acting as a songwriter and performer in the Rock Group, “The Lost Angelos”, as well as composing for and leading his own Jazz Fusion solo project.

Nik combines his love of Jazz Fusion, Blues, Funk, Classical music, RnB, Progressive, and Dixieland music into his own, totally unique playing style. This eclectic mix of genres and musical inspirations has formed Nik into a distinctive musician with the ability to both fit into any musical situation with ease, and push boundaries with his own compositions.

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