Music Memory – Pamela Blake

Music Memory is sponsored by the Alzheimer Society of Toronto, offering the “Music For Memory Project”: a program based on the effects of music and stimulation on people with dementia, by providing them with iPods containing personalized music. For more information, visit

This week we hear from JAZZ.FM91 listener Pamela Blake.

“In 1965, the year I turned 11, I learned that the Beatles were coming to town. I informed my parents that I was going to the concert, and to head off their opposition, I also told them I’d buy my own ticket with money I’d saved. They reluctantly agreed.

So, with my $4 ticket in the “Greys” and accompanied by my older brother, on August 17, 1965, we set off from suburban Toronto for downtown Maple Leaf Gardens. I couldn’t wait to hear the songs I’d been listening to on the radio. But what stands out for me about that night was the deafening screams from the fans. My brother told me I could scream if I wanted to – he wouldn’t tell our mom. He wasn’t aware that I’d already attempted a few of my own yelps which he didn’t hear over the din! I wasn’t a fan of the screaming, but that day I experienced the power and thrill of a live concert – a feeling that has never left me.”