Mathew Fantini

Mathew Fantini is a bassist, composer, and bandleader. His love of music started at a very early age, but his love of Jazz started in his Grade 10 music class where he heard a recording of the Benny Goodman Big Band. He instantly wanted to play what he had just heard. His style is uniquely his own, blending the influence of great bass players like Ray Brown, and Charles Mingus with his own take on the music. His compositions, and playing focus on trying to communicate to the audience with lyrical, and colorful melodies, all while keeping a strong sense of rhythm. Mathew is currently attending York University for Jazz performance, and has had the privilege to learn from some of Canada’s best musicians, and educators, such as Artie Roth, Kelly Jefferson, Mark Eisenman, Jim Vivian, and Anthony Michelli.

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