The JAZZ.FM91 Loyalty Rewards Program helps to connect our generous and loyal donors to the station by providing Loyalty Rewards members with exclusive content and opportunities to enrich their listening relationship with JAZZ.FM91.

As a non-profit, registered charity we rely upon the generosity of individuals like you to sustain our reliable, thoughtful and engaging programming and community outreach. Please consider becoming a Loyalty Rewards member today.

All gifts of $240/year ($20/month) or more qualify you for the JAZZ.FM91 Loyalty Rewards Program.

Your investment helps keep jazz strong – on the air, and in the community. With your Loyalty Rewards membership you help us stay connected to you. We wouldn’t be here without you! Let us help say thank you by rewarding you.

* Please note that you must have a valid email address on record to receive these benefits.

Loyalty Rewards membership benefits include:

  • Invitations to exclusive Loyalty Rewards member-only events;
  • First access to ticket sales;
  • Monthly draw prizes;
  • Special discounts for JAZZ.FM91 education courses and with participating corporate partners;
  • Semi-annual Loyalty Rewards member only e-publication;
  • Behind-the-scenes tour of JAZZ.FM91;
  • Charitable tax receipt.

Additional benefits to be added as confirmed.

Loyalty Rewards Program FAQ

How do I join the JAZZ.FM91 Loyalty Reward Program?
All donors who have made a gift of $240 ($20/month) or more in the last year will automatically be enrolled as a Loyalty Rewards member.

What if I am a perpetual donor, can I join the JAZZ.FM91 Loyalty Rewards Program? If I am an existing perpetual donor, will I be automatically enrolled as a Loyalty Rewards member?
All perpetual donors of $20/month or more will automatically receive a Loyalty Rewards membership.

What if I am donating to receive a marquee experience donation incentive, will I also receive JAZZ.FM91 Loyalty Rewards?
Yes, if donating $240 or more you will be eligible for any current campaign donor incentive available for your donation level. You will also be eligible to receive the Loyalty Rewards benefits.

What happens if I stop my monthly donations?
If you decide to stop your monthly donations, you will no longer receive the Loyalty Rewards benefits.

If I contribute a one-time donation, how long will I receive the Loyalty Rewards benefits?
One time donors of $240 or more will receive Loyalty Rewards member benefits for one year from the date the donation was received.

What if I am a perpetual donor and my credit card on file expires, will I lose my benefits?
Perpetual donors will have a two-month window past their credit card expiry month to renew their support before their Loyalty Rewards benefits are stopped.