Kevin Bolger

Kevin Bolger is a Guitar player in his last year in the Humber College Music Program. He currently studies with world renowned guitarist, Lorne Lofsky. His musical influences include Grant Green, Barney Kessel, Joe Pass, Django Reinhardt, Charlie Parker, Pat Martino, Oscar Peterson, George Benson and Sonny Stitt.

He began playing guitar in his early teens and then showing an interest in jazz his later teens. The first jazz recording Kevin ever heard was Pat Martino’s “Blue Bossa”. At the age of 17, Bolger enrolled in Vanier College’s Music program located in Montreal, Canada. Although, only attending the college for one year, he studied with some of the “who’s who” of the Montreal music scene. At the age of 18, Kevin relocated to Toronto and furthered his interest in music via Humber College’s music program where he has been studying since.

Kevin Bolger recently played a six-night, week-long gig in Charlottetown, PEI in which he played jazz standards among other repertoire. He also had the privilege to share the stage with east coast based vocalist, Teresa Doyle.

Currently, Kevin Bolger is writing music for his organ quartet known as the Kevin Bolger Organ Quartet and has played at various venues with them in and around Toronto. This group consists of Ewen Farncombe on organ, Davide Corazza on drums and Michael Wenkoff on alto saxophone. They’ve also played/recorded with some of Toronto’s leading musicians, such as Kelly Jefferson and Luis Deniz Their sound can be compared to the organ groups that were led by musicians such as Don Patterson and Jimmy Smith. Kevin is also enrolled in Humber College’s Bachelor of Music Program in Toronto. While at Humber, Kevin has and still works on becoming a better guitar player, jazz improviser but most of all musician. Kevin has had the good fortune to study with musicians such as Nick Di Giovanni, Nic Di Tomaso, Rob Bulger, Tony Zorzi, Joey Goldstein, Nathan Hiltz, Trevor Giancola, Ted Quinlan, Kirk MacDonald and many other mentors. He also is studying Manouche Jazz Guitar under the direction of Jesse Barksdale and Andy Mac and hopes to further his studies in the Manouche style once he graduates from Humber.

Outside of school, Kevin Bolger can often be seen at Toronto’s local jam sessions working on his craft or playing jazz gigs of his own. He can be heard playing weekly at Tatsu’s Bread across from Humber College every Friday with Corey Sitek and Patrick Nabuurs.

To see what Kevin is up to musically check out his Soundcloud and Facebook page. To contact Kevin regarding his music or anything else related, he can be reached via his email:

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