Kelly Peterson

Board Position:  Director
Board member since: January 2012
Board Expertise:  Government relations; communications; Not-for-Profit

What I do outside of my volunteer work at JAZZ.FM91: 
Kelly Peterson is a tremendous jazz fan whose favorites include Ella Fitzgerald, Clark Terry, and—of course—Oscar Peterson. Kelly has an Honors degree in Theatre, and worked in professional improvisational children’s theatre as well as summer stock before eventually moving to Sarasota, FL and managing restaurants. It was there that she met Oscar Peterson. Kelly moved to Canada in 1986, when she and Oscar were married. As one of the Trustees of the Estate of Oscar Peterson and General Manager of Regal Recordings, Ltd., Kelly manages and promotes the legacy of her late husband. It is her endeavor to ensure that new generations of people have the opportunity to hear the music of Oscar Peterson.

As part of that work, Kelly founded Two Lions Records so that she could produce recordings of Oscar’s music. The first recording, Oscar, With Love, was released to tremendous critical acclaim in December, 2015. This is an innovative and unique recording. Primarily solo piano, it showcases Oscar Peterson as composer, containing thirty of his compositions, some never before recorded or performed. Seventeen of the greatest living Jazz artists travelled to Mississauga to record Oscar’s compositions on his personal Bösendorfer Imperial, in his home studio.

During the recording, Renee Rosnes proposed that she and Kelly produce a jazz festival named for Oscar. They partnered with Executive Producer Bravo Niagara! Festival of the Arts, and the Oscar Peterson International Jazz Festival was created, with Rosnes as Artistic Director and Peterson as Artistic Producer. The inaugural Festival was held in the picturesque Niagara wine region of Ontario February 16-18, 2018. The annual Festival will continue to be held each February in the Niagara Region. In addition to the Oscar Peterson International Jazz Festival, Kelly continues to plan future recordings of Oscar Peterson’s music, as well as producing concerts to further promote his vast legacy.

Why I Support JAZZ.FM91:  
It is imperative to support the only 24 hour jazz radio station in Canada because the music is vitally important. The history and the future of jazz depend upon people hearing the music, and JAZZ.FM91 makes that possible. Perhaps even more importantly, JAZZ.FM91 gives tremendous support to Canadian jazz musicians by playing their music, informing the public about talented young artists, and working diligently to educate youth about jazz and music through the community outreach, offering opportunities to these young musicians (and non-musicians) that they otherwise would not have. This gives hope to the future of jazz.

How I plan to support JAZZ.FM91 through my Board contribution:
In addition to my financial support, I will continue to work hard to promote the work of the radio station, encouraging listeners and supporters by championing JAZZ.FM91 at every opportunity.