Jonathan Wielebnowski

Jonathan Wielebnowski is an emerging Canadian bassist, composer, and bandleader based between the Toronto and Calgary music scenes. Currently in his final year of the Humber College Bachelor of Music program, Jonathan has had the opportunity to study under a multitude of great Canadian jazz musicians such as Kirk MacDonald, Al Kay, Mike Downes, Neil Swainson, Kieran Overs, Jon Maharaj, Nancy Walker, Brian Dickinson, and Lorne Lofsky. Although still in school, Jonathan has had the chance to perform with several notable Canadian artists such as John Roney, Miles Black, Jon McCaslin, Jim Brenan, and Mark Dejong. Jonathan has also had the chance to perform in several Canadian jazz festivals including the Calgary International Jazz Festival, the TD Edmonton International Jazz Festival, as well as the Toronto Undergraduate Jazz Festival.

At Humber College, Jonathan has been the recipient of several scholarships including the Kevin Mackle Memorial Scholarship, the Kenny MacLean Memorial Scholarship, the prestigious Gordon and Anne Wragg Music Scholarship, and the Humber Leadership Scholarship.

In addition to his busy freelancing schedule, Jonathan also leads his own quartet where he performs original compositions inspired by the likes of great jazz composers such as Wayne Shorter, Chris Potter, Brad Mehldau, Pat Metheny, and Keith Jarrett.

Jonathan’s Jazzology Playlist

  • “Orbits” – Wayne Shorter Quartet (2013)
  • “El Gaucho” – Wayne Shorter (1967)
  • “A Night Away” – Metheny Mehldau Quartet (2007)
  • “Waltz for J.B.” – Brad Mehldau (2015)
  • “Scratch Lottery” – Jonathan Wielebnowski Quartet (2018)

Jazzology with Heather Bambrick can be heard Wednesdays at 9 pm.