Jazz 4 Kids

“Jazz is happy music I can go to when I am stressed at school” – Selma, Perth Avenue P.S., Toronto (Nov 2019)


Taking place in the Long & McQuade Performance Hall at JAZZ.FM91, the Jazz 4 Kids monthly concert series provides a fun-filled and unique cultural experience for elementary- and middle-school students (K-8) in the Greater Toronto Area.

Children enjoy interactive concerts by outstanding professional musicians from a range of cultural backgrounds who encourage and inspire creativity through music and foster an appreciation for musical arts. Each year almost 1,000 kids come through our doors to experience live music and learn about the magic of radio. That’s more than 10,000 young people engaging in live music education since Jazz 4 Kids started in 2007.

The Jazz 4 Kids teaching artists are all award-winning performers and composers, as well as experienced educators. With a breadth of knowledge and skills in presenting material about music and culture to children, these artists present engaging workshops that feature performance, demonstration, interaction and audience participation.

Following the workshop, students receive a tour of the radio station, including the recordings library, programming department, production studios and broadcast technology room. Students learn about a variety of concepts including journalism, communication, broadcasting, technology, radio history and careers related to music and radio. Participants have a chance to meet radio personalities and learn about the skills required to host a radio show.

To schedule a concert or ask a question, interested educators are encouraged to contact operations director Michael Booth at 416-595-0404 x234 or mbooth@jazz.fm. We are proud to give selection priority to schools from under-serviced areas of the GTA.


We are always striving to make our programs as impactful as possible. To that end, we request evaluations from all participating teachers to so that we can learn about what we are doing well and what we can do to improve the program.

Just want say a big thank you to everyone at JAZZ.FM91 who made [the] visit not only possible but thoroughly enjoyable as well. My students were engaged and enthusiastic and have a renewed appreciation for the power of music. JAZZ.FM91 fulfills an important part in keeping the music alive in our community and I thank you for that.

—Teacher Frank C., who attended in May, 2019

I can tell you, from the feedback the students provided both on the return trip to school and afterwards, that the trip to your beautiful radio station was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone. The fact that the students were encouraged to sing and perform along was a huge bonus, and the tour of the facility was greatly appreciated as they had never seen the inside of a real live radio station before. Thanks again for a wonderful time, and I hope to bring more students in the near future.

—Teacher Mike D., who attended in October, 2017

Thanks so much for inviting us to JAZZ.FM91. The students really enjoyed your musical guests, Cadence. They really knew how to play the crowd. And thanks for the tour around the facilities. It was great for us to listen “under the hood” and see how a radio station runs.

—Teacher Hartley H., who attended in January, 2017

“Our Grade 1s and 2s were very excited to be the audience for such an intimate concert. They enjoyed the opportunity to hear from and interact with career musicians, while also having the chance to contribute input for the performance . Our hosts created an environment where the students were comfortable taking part as performers themselves. The children gained insight into how jazz and improvisation can work, when we allow ourselves to be open-minded and creative.”

—Teacher Katharine M., who attended in March, 2016

“My class really enjoyed the various parts of our visit. The performance and interactive workshop was engaging, energetic and completely age-appropriate. The musicians put on a great show for the kids. They were dynamic and exciting. They did a wonderful job responding to the students’ about their musical journeys and how hard they’ve worked for success. They truly demonstrated the importance of collaboration, initiative and creativity as lifelong learning skills. The tour of the station also made quite the impact on my students.”  

—Teacher Sherri F., who attended in January, 2016

“The students had an absolutely wonderful time being exposed to jazz and contemporary music of the world. Students were engaged, energized and gained an appreciation for another genre of music. Particularly the students enjoyed seeing the music live in an intimate setting, with working musicians. The opportunity to be engaged with musicians and get a sense of the potential opportunities that are present in the field of music was fantastic. We look forward to future opportunities such as this.”

—Teacher Dino F., who attended in May, 2013

“As a teacher I was impressed with the caliber of the concert. The show was age appropriate and very engaging. The length of the show was perfect. Some of the kids remarked that their parents listen to the station at home. It’s important to expose children to many different experiences. Many of the kids (our) school come from lower income families. Some of my students may have limited opportunities for enrichment outside of school for whatever reasons. Today one of my students may have been inspired to pick up a guitar, a bass or the violin and embark on the magical experience that is music. Thanks JAZZ.FM91!”

—Teacher Fiona B., who attended in April, 2013

“I have brought two groups of students from this school, and know that they loved the experience. Watching the band up close allowed them to really check out each instruments’ contribution to the music. The performers were generous and present, genuinely interested in sharing with the students.”

—Teacher Marci M., who attended in April 2012

“It was a great opportunity for the students to attend a show performed by top quality musicians, something that they probably would not have been able to do otherwise. Not only did they learn the proper etiquette of being a member of the audience, they were also exposed, probably for the first time in their lives, to genres of music that would not have been accessible to them through mainstream media. It was truly a wonderful, educational, and entertaining experience that I am sure the students gained a lot from and will remember for a long time to come.”

—Teacher Roger C., who attended in May, 2013

“My students were in awe. They told me that they acted in a respectful way because they wanted to show their appreciation to the musicians. They had not had the opportunity for such an up and close encounter with “real” musicians. The show was interactive with clapping along and having volunteers play along; clapping the melody to songs like Spiderman was challenging at their level. It was absolutely wonderful and perfect just the way it was. Thank you so much for this opportunity.”

—Teacher Lisa S., who attended in April, 2013