Jazz Lives: Tribute to Henry Mancini

Here’s a sneak peek at our 15th Edition of JAZZ LIVES, presented by The Remington Group.


On Wednesday, April 10, our marquee event Jazz Lives will pay tribute to Henry Mancini.

One of the most celebrated film composers of the 20th century, he was a true pioneer at incorporating jazz elements and instrumentation into his work. Mancini was a prolific composer who won four Academy Awards and 20 Grammy Awards.

This April marks the 95th anniversary of Mancini’s birth, and June marks the 25th anniversary of his passing.

Join us as we pay tribute to a true musical icon with music director and long-time Mancini aficionado Lou Pomanti.

The 15th Edition of Jazz Lives: Tribute to Henry Mancini
Presented by The Remington Group

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