HUDSON release new album

HUDSON release new album.

On June 9th, supergroup Hudson will release it’s highly anticipated self titled album and they’ll be in Toronto for the TD Toronto Jazz Festival on Thursday June 29th at Koerner Hall to reveal that sound.

With Hudson, Jack Dejohnette, Larry Grenadier, John Medeski and John Scofield delve into their past by honouring their shared love of 1960’s rock. Songs from Joni Mitchell, The Band, Hendrix and Bob Dylan are cleverly brought into the jazz world with these legends. John Scofield told Rolling Stone Magazine, “I’ve been a Dylan fan since I bought the Bringing It All Back Home album in 1965. I was 13. Same goes for Music From Big Pink by the Band. I wore that LP out! Although I’ve never met Dylan, I did get to jam with Levon Helm at his Midnight Ramble a year before he passed, and I treasure that experience.”

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