Gary Burton on the road for final tour

Gary Burton is on the road for his final tour before retirement.

The vibraphonist spoke with DownBeat Magazine from Illinois to chat about his decision to retirement, the jazz world and his plans for the future.

The Grammy Award winner tells the publication, ” I had six heart operations and I suffered some cognizant issues after the last one, which was a major one. I was without a heartbeat for half an hour and was revived.”

He also says he’s proud of his career and is looking forward to a new chapter at 74-years-old.

“On the vibes, I feel that I’ve done everything I could have imagined. If I have any regrets, it’s that I didn’t have time to explore more other kinds of music, other styles of jazz.”

Read the full interview here.

JAZZ.FM91 will begin running the Gary Burton show on Sundays starting in mid-April.