Ensemble Director – JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band

JAZZ.FM91 is seeking a Director of the JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band for the start date September 2022. The position is for a two-year term, with the option of a possible third year. We are seeking a dynamic, positive, supportive educator who will mentor the next generation of jazz musicians in the GTA.


About JAZZ.FM91

As Canada’s only 24/7 all jazz radio broadcaster and listener supported charitable organization, JAZZ.FM91 is committed to entertaining, inspiring and uniting our local community and the global jazz community we serve through programming, live performance, education and storytelling. We believe jazz is unifying at its core. Jazz is collaborative and improvisational; it is curious and fearless and inclusive. Jazz is all of us at our best.


Job description:

JAZZ.FM91 has developed an education program to engage young musicians and foster the development of their talents in a professional environment. This program focuses on direct engagement with talented youth within the GTA who are interested in pursuing further educational and training opportunities in jazz performance. The Director of the JAZZ.FM91 Youth Big Band is responsible for ensuring that the recruitment, direction and management of the ensemble will be conducted in adherence to the JAZZ.FM91 mission, mandate and policies regarding best practices and conduct.

NOTE: This is a paid contract position beginning September and running to the end of June (school year time frame) for a maximum of three years.


The successful candidate should possess:

  • A thorough knowledge of traditional and contemporary big band repertoire.
  • Strong leadership and ensemble directing skills.
  • Established history of directing high school and/or post-secondary jazz ensembles.
  • Experience in preparing ensembles for high profile public performances.
  • Strong communication and organizational skills.


Jazz ensemble arranging skills would be seen as an asset, but are not required.

In coordination with the Education and Outreach Officer, specific responsibilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Oversee and implement all aspects of the JAZZ.FM91 Toronto Youth Big Band programme working closely with the Education and Outreach Officer and JAZZ.FM91 management.
  • Oversee and conduct recruitment and panel auditions in early to mid-September each year including final selection of Youth Big Band participants.
  • Purchase of musical charts including the subsequent cataloguing and archiving at the station.
  • Oversee the maintenance of JAZZ.FM91 musical instruments and equipment used by the Youth Big Band, including recommendations on purchase and investment. All instrument inventory and maintenance reports to be sent directly to the JAZZ.FM91 Education and Outreach Officer.
  • Schedule and conduct weekly Youth Big Band rehearsals, complete and sectional, at the JAZZ.FM91 studios each year from September to June. Rehearsals to take place at the station on Saturday afternoons and evenings. Where other arrangements need to be made to accommodate station activities, the Ensemble Director will work with the Education and Community Outreach Coordinator to determine alternate rehearsal locations.
  • Serve as the main contact and lead communication for YBB parents and/or guardians. All electronic communication via email or other platforms will be conducted through “jazz.fm” accounts, existing or newly assigned for specific purposes.
  • Research and recommend private, public and festival or competition performance opportunities to the Education and Outreach Officer and Director of Operations including recommended budget for those performances.
  • Identify and arrange for guest artists and sectional instructors as required to improve and enhance the educational experiences of the Youth Big Band participants. All invitations and bookings, including costs, must be pre-approved by the Education and Outreach Officer.
  • Prepare the Youth Big Band for JAZZ.FM91 performances such as Jazz Lives and Sound of Jazz concerts.
  • File an annual summary report by June 30th of each year including recommendations for future and continuing development.

If you’re a team leader who believes you can help JAZZ.FM91 realize its vision of making jazz accessible to everyone, we want to hear from you. Email a resume and cover letter to resumes@jazz.fm with subject line: “Re: YBB Ensemble Director Application.”