Eleanor McCain Unveils First Single “Hallelujah” From True North: The Canadian Songbook 

Eleanor McCain has released a cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah” on Spotify, as a part of her musical project True North: The Canadian Songbook.

The track, National Arts Centre Orchestra and arranged by Shelly Berger, is the first song to be shared from the album, which features 32 tracks in total.

“Hallelujah is one of the most beloved songs in the history of recording and I feel honoured that I had the opportunity to record this song especially given Leonard Cohen’s recent passing. Some say it is perfect. Ironically, it was first rejected by Cohen’s recording company and it took at least a decade before it was noticed by anyone,” said McCain in a press release. “The song is so deeply personal, and for every listener and performer it means something different. The verses I chose for True North: The Canadian Songbook are the ones that resonate most with me, personally.”

True North: The Canadian Songbook will be released on May 12th, 2017, which is meant to concede with Canada’s 150h birthday. To pre-order it, click here.