Contest Rules & Regulations: JAZZ.FM91 Long Weekend Dream Date


1. The “JAZZ.FM91 Long Weekend Dream Date” contest is brought to you by CJRT-FM INC., owner and operator of JAZZ.FM91, (here in after: the “Contest Organizers”). The Contest runs in Ontario, Canada, from Tuesday, June 20th, 2017 at 6:00AM ET to Tuesday, June 27th, 2017 at 10:00AM ET (hereinafter: the “Contest Period”).

2. This Contest is open to all persons residing in Ontario, Canada who are thirty (30) years of age as of the first day of the Contest Period. Notwithstanding the preceding, the Contest is not open to individuals associated with the Contest, including the employees, agents and representatives of the Contest Organizers, Coventry North Jaguar (in addition to partners, their agents and employees, etc.), including their respective divisions, subsidiaries, affiliates and agencies, their advertising and promotional agencies, suppliers of prizes, materials and services related to this contest or any other party directly linked to the holding of this Contest (the “Excluded Individuals”). This Contest is also not open to the immediate family members of the Excluded Individuals. For the purpose of these Contest Rules, “immediate family” includes: father, mother, brothers, sisters, children, legal or common-law spouse and individuals with whom such employees, agents and representatives reside.

3. No purchase necessary. To enter, you must comply with the eligibility criteria set out in these Contest Rules within the Contest Period.

Beginning June 20th, 2017 thru to Monday, June 26th, 2017, weekdays on-air with JAZZ.FM91, listeners will be given the opportunity to qualify during the program, Good Morning Toronto (between 6:00AM – 10:00AM). To qualify, when listeners hear the on-air host solicit listeners they must call thru the prize line at: 1 (877) 879-5400. If they are identified as the contestant by the on-air talent, they will be eligible to participate in the contest and sing an Aretha Franklin song of choice.

Following the contestant’s performance of an Aretha Franklin song, the on-air host will decide if they instantly win the qualifying prize (a $100 Gift Card to spend at Oliver and Bonacini Restaurants) and qualify for the grand prize (including two (2) tickets to see Aretha Franklin at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts on July 1st, 2017 and a car rental for 3-nights of a JAGUAR F-PACE with Coventry North Jaguar for the Canada Day long weekend: Friday, June 30th, 2017 – Monday, July 3rd, 2017).

The grand prize winner will be announced on Tuesday, June 27th, 2017, during the program, Good Morning Toronto (between 6:00AM – 10:00AM).

Odds of becoming a qualifier depend on the number of calls to the prize line when the contest is executed and listeners are asked to call the JAZZ.FM91 Prize Line.

4. Entrants must comply with the following conditions, otherwise the Contest Organizers reserves the right to cancel one or more of their entries and/or disqualify the entrant from participating in the Contest:
1.1 There is a limit of one (1) qualification per person, per household during the contest.

5. Qualifying Prize (5 in Total):
• A $100 Gift Card to spend at Oliver and Bonacini Restaurants.
Approximate retail value of each Qualifying Prize is $100.00 CAD. Qualifying Prizes won are as-is, unless otherwise stipulated by Sponsor, Qualifying Prizes are not redeemable for cash.

Grand Prize (1 in Total):
• 2 x Tickets to see Aretha Franklin at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts on Saturday, July 1st, 2017 at 8:00PM ET;
• 3 x Nights’ rental of a JAGUAR F-PACE with Coventry North Jaguar. Dates are Friday, June 30th, 2017 – Monday, July 3rd, 2017 (time to be agreed upon between winner & management of Coventry North Jaguar during regular dealership hours); Rental vehicle to be provided to winner with a full tank of gas.
• The Winner’s Vehicle will be given a complete spa package including a car wash and wax detail, while being left at the Coventry North Jaguar dealership over the duration of the weekend Friday, June 30th, 2017 – Monday, July 3rd, 2017.
Car Rental must be taken in the specified time period outlined above by Coventry North Jaguar.

6. The following conditions apply to the Grand Prize:
a) Winner must be thirty (30) years of age when entering this contest to meet with Coventry North Jaguar’s company policy. In the event that the winner does not full-fill this requirement they will not be allowed to participate in the car rental portion of this Grand Prize;
b) Winner must hold a valid Graduated Drivers License;
c) Winner must possess Drivers Insurance on their present vehicle that will cover a luxury car rental;
d) When arriving on Friday, June 30th, 2017 at Coventry North Jaguar (time to be agreed upon between winner & management of Coventry North Jaguar during regular dealership hours), winner must complete and sign Coventry North Jaguar’s ‘Test Drive Agreement’;
e) The rental of the Jaguar F-PACE will be for the duration of Friday, June 30th, 2017 till Monday, July 3rd, 2017 (return time will be decided upon when completing the forms provided by Coventry North Jaguar).
f) Winner’s personal vehicle must be left at Coventry North Jaguar during the duration of the rental weekend of Friday, June 30th, 2017 – Monday, July 3rd, 2017.
g) Failure to comply with any of Coventry North Jaguar’s requirements will result in forfeiting this portion of the prize.
h) All charges and expenses other than those mentioned above are the responsibility of the winner and/or his/her guest;
i) This prize is non-transferable, nor redeemable for cash. All prizes won are as-is, unless otherwise stipulated by the sponsor.
j) If the winner cannot accept the prize, for any reason whatsoever -e.g.: the winner does not hold a qualified valid driver’s license – he/she will not be entitled to any form of compensation and will not have the right to transfer the prize to another person;
k) If any part of the prize is not used, no compensation will be awarded to the winner or his/her guest;

7. Grand Prize – a random draw will be made from current list of qualifiers on Tuesday, July 27th, 2017, after 7:00AM in Toronto, at the office of the Contest Organizers, a random draw of one entry will be held among all entries received in accordance with section 3, in order to award the grand prize as described above.

8. There is a limit of one (1) qualifying prize per person and there will only be one (1) grand prize winner. Any potential winner selected in this Contest who does not comply with this condition (or conditions laid out by the prize provider) will automatically be disqualified and another draw will take place to designate a winner. Photo ID will be required when claiming the prize.

9. Winners of advertised Grand Prize and members of their household are not eligible to win another prize from JAZZ.FM91 for a period of ninety (90) days.

10. The odds of a participant’s entry being randomly selected, depends upon the number of entries received.

11. JAZZ.FM91 reserves the right to revoke prize if after the winner has been announced, in the event that said winner does not meet all requirements per JAZZ.FM91.

12. JAZZ.FM91 will not be responsible, or held liable for prizes awarded to an event that is canceled due to circumstances beyond our control, or for products that may not work as described.

13. With respect to any disputes regarding contests, the decision of JAZZ.FM91 management will be final.

14. JAZZ.FM91, its agencies and representatives shall not be liable or responsible for any claim, injury or damage arising from any contest or prize awarded in a contest.

15. In order to be declared a qualifier, each selected potential winner must be in compliance with these Contest Rules and in particular, the following:
11.1 The Contest Organizers must be able to reach the potential winner by phone within two (2) days of the date on which the potential winner’s entry was randomly selected;
11.2 If required, sign a publicity release and liability waiver form (hereinafter: the “Release Form”) sent by the Contest Organizers and return it to them within three (03) days of receipt.

16. Contest winners are required to show picture identification when claiming their prize and may be required to sign a release agreeing to all rules and regulations related to their prize. The release may include a skill-testing question.

17. By entering the Contest, each entrant agrees to abide by these Contest Rules. In the event the potential or declared winner fails to comply with any one of the conditions set out above or any other conditions set out in these Contest Rules, the Contest Organizers, Coventry North Jaguar (in addition to partners) reserve the right to disqualify such entrant from the Contest and if time allows, a new draw for the prize will be held in accordance with these Contest Rules, until an entrant is selected and declared a winner, without affecting the order in which other prizes are awarded.

18. Within two (02) days following the moment the contestant is declared a winner, the Contest Organizers will inform the winner on how to take possession of their prize, In the event the winner fails to collect his or her prize in accordance with the instructions set out in this paragraph, the winner will forfeit the right to collect the prize, and the Contest Organizers reserve the right to withdraw the prize entirely, with no further obligation to award such prize in any additional draws.

19. Verification. Release form is subject to verification by the Contest Organizers. Any Release form which is incomplete, incomprehensible, inaudible, illegible, fraudulent, mutilated, altered, contains false information or is not received within the Contest Period, or otherwise does not confirm to these Contest Rules will automatically be rendered invalid and will not entitle such entrant to be eligible for a prize.

20. Disqualification. The Contest Organizers reserves the right to disqualify any person or cancel one or more entries of any person participating in this Contest or trying to participate by means contrary to these Contest Rules or in a manner which is unfair to other entrants (e.g.: use of Release form obtained from an unauthorized source, entries exceeding the limit allowed, computer hacking, etc.). Any attempt to tamper with the entry process, interfere with these Contest Rules, deliberately damage any website or undermine the administration, security or legitimate operation of the Contest, is a violation of criminal and civil laws and the Contest Organizers reserve the right to seek damages and/or other relief from all persons responsible for such acts to the fullest extent permitted by law, which may include banning or disqualifying entrants from this and future contests. Such person may be referred to the appropriate judicial authorities.

21. Non compliance/eligibility. If a potential or declared winner is not in compliance with these Contest Rules, The Contest Organizers reserves the right to disqualify such entrant from the Contest and randomly select further entrants from the remaining eligible entries until a winner is finally declared. Any potential or declared winner, who is not in compliance with these Contest Rules, must so inform the Contest Organizers immediately upon being contacted by the Contest Organizers.

22. Acceptance of prize. Prizes must be accepted as described in these Contest Rules and may not be transferred to another person, substituted for another prize, or exchanged in full or in part for cash, subject to the section below.

23. Substitution of prize. In the event it is impossible, difficult and/or more costly for the Contest Organizers to award a prize (or part of a prize) as described in these Contest Rules, the Contest Organizers reserve the right to award a prize (or part of a prize) of similar nature and equivalent value or, at their sole discretion, the value of the prize (or of the part of the prize) in cash.

24. Refusal of a prize. The refusal by a potential or declared winner to accept any prize awarded in accordance with the Contest Rules, releases and forever discharges the Contest Organizers and their agents of all obligations related to the prize, including delivery.

25. Liability limit – use of prize. Each entrant and any potential or declared winner releases the Contest Organizers, Coventry North Jaguar their subsidiaries, respective divisions, their parent corporations, their advertising and promotional agencies, their shareholders, officers, directors, employees, agents and representatives (hereinafter: the “Beneficiaries”) from any and all liability for any and all damage, loss or liability suffered as a result of or arising from the entrant’s participation in the Contest or the acceptance or use of his/her prize. In order to be declared a winner and prior to obtaining his/her prize, any potential or declared winner agrees to sign a declaration to such effect in the Release Form. The guest of a winner will also have to sign such a declaration to that effect in the Release Form, failing which they will not be able to take part in the vacation.

26. Liability of prize supplier. Any person selected for a grand prize acknowledges that upon receipt of a letter confirming the prize, all services to be rendered in connection with their prize become the sole responsibility of the prize. A declaration to such effect will be included in the Release Form.

27. Modification. The Contest Organizers, Coventry North Jaguar; reserve the right, at their sole discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend this contest, in whole or in part, in the case of the occurrence of an event, an error or any human intervention that could corrupt or affect the administration, safety, impartiality or the running of the Contest as provided in these Contest Rules.

28. Limit of prizes. In no event shall the Beneficiaries be obligated to award more prizes than set out in these Contest Rules or to award prizes otherwise than in compliance with these Contest Rules.

29. Liability limit – participation. Any person who participates or tries to participate in this Contest releases the Beneficiaries from any and all liability for damages which he/she could suffer from participating or trying to participate in this Contest.
Liability limit – running of the contest. The Beneficiaries are not liable for faulty computer components, software, or links; the loss or non-existence of communications capability; or faulty, incomplete, incomprehensible, or erased computer or network transmissions that make it difficult, or render a user unable, to enter the contest; problems with any website or website feature howsoever caused, the malfunction of, or damage caused to, any telephone or network or lines, computer equipment, data or software, online systems, servers or access providers; or the security or privacy of information transmitted via computer networks; or for breaches of privacy due to interference by third party computer “hackers” The Beneficiaries are not liable for any harm contestants may suffer directly or indirectly as a result of downloading any Web page or software or transmitting any information related to entry in the Contest. Further, the Beneficiaries assume no responsibility for entries lost, stolen, delayed, damaged or misdirected.

30. Website & Phone line access. The Beneficiaries do not guarantee access to or non-interruption of the Web site or Phone lines during the Contest Period or that it will be exempt from any errors.

31. Authorization. By entering this Contest, each declared winner consents to CJRT-FM; Coventry North Jaguar; and their representatives to use, at their sole discretion and if required, their name, photograph, likeness, testimonial related to the prize, place of residence and/or voice without compensation whatsoever and that, without limit as for the period of use, in any media and on a worldwide scale, for publicity purposes or for any purpose that may be considered relevant. A declaration to such effect will be included in the Release Form.

32. Early termination of the Contest. In the event that the computer system cannot record all the Contest entries during the Contest Period for whatever reason, or if participation in the Contest must be terminated in whole or in part before the closing date of the Contest as per the Contest Rules, the Contest Organizers will proceed with the draw among entry forms duly registered during the Contest Period or, as the case may be, up to the date of the event that lead to the termination of the Contest.

33. Property of entries. All contest entries become the property of CJRT-FM INC., owner and operator of JAZZ.FM91, which may withhold any or all contest materials for any reason station management deems crucial to the completion of the contest, or for any reasons relating to membership, publicity and/or advertising; and at no time will be returned to entrants.

34. Communication with entrants. No communication (other than while registering) or correspondence will be exchanged with entrants in the context of this Contest with the exception of selected entrants or declared winner.

35. Personal information. The entrant’s personal information that is collected in this Contest will be used solely by CJRT-FM for the administration of the Contest. There will be no communication of commercial or of any other nature, unrelated to this Contest sent to an entrant, unless such entrant gives specific authorization to CJRT-FM for that specific purpose. Any inquiry concerning the personal information held by CJRT-FM should be addressed to 4 Pardee Ave., Unit 100, Toronto, Ontario, M6K 3H5.

36. Decisions of the Contest Organizers. All decisions of CJRT-FM, Coventry North Jaguar; or those of their representatives regarding this Contest are final and binding.

37. Identification of the contestant. For the purposes of these Contest Rules, the entrant is the person who qualifies through the contest. It is to one of these people the grand prize will be awarded if selected and declared a winner.

38. By entering a JAZZ.FM91 contest, each entrant agrees to and is deemed to have accepted all terms, conditions, rules and regulations as written herein.

39. These rules are subject to change without notice.