Chick Corea 75th birthday run at The Blue Note

GRAMMY Award-winning keyboardist Chick Corea will celebrate his 75th birthday with a two-month, 80 show event at The Blue Note in New York.

The show will run October 19 through December 12, 2016, and feature Corea leading 15 legendary bands comprised of 60 musical friends from over half a century.

“From the level of talent that will be presented to the number of shows to the overall duration, this is an unrivaled residency in so many ways,” said Steven Bensusan, President of Blue Note Entertainment Group, in a press release. “You never see an artist take residency in a venue for this amount of time consecutively, and on this scale.”

“Though most importantly, the fact that it commemorates our longtime friend and legend Chick Corea’s 75th birthday makes this truly special, especially given Blue Note’s deep relationship with Chick over the past 30 years,” added Bensusan. “We’re looking forward to making history with Chick this fall.”

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