Farmer wins QWF Award for Oscar Lives Next Door

Elementary school teacher and author, Bonnie Farmer, has won the Quebec Writers’ Federation Literary Award for Children’s Literature for Oscar Lives Next Door.

The book, illustrated by Marie Lafrance, is set in Little Burgundy and it’s main character is Oscar Peterson as a young boy.

“Long before Oscar Peterson became a virtuoso jazz pianist, he was a boy who loved to play the trumpet. When childhood tuberculosis weakened his lungs, Oscar could no longer play his beloved instrument. He took up piano and the rest is history: Oscar went on to become an international jazz piano sensation …Oscar Lives Next Door is a fictional story inspired by these facts.

“I was thrilled to hear of Bonnie Farmer’s accolades for Oscar Lives Next Door. Upon first hearing about the book, I was so happy to know that a portion of my father’s story was being told in this way, and would be geared towards children. When the book was released, we got a copy for Lenny, the six-year-old daughter of two of my dearest friends, and we also gave a copy to my great nieces, (my father’s great-granddaughters), Charlotte and Katelyn who are 2 and 5. Seeing the three girls whom I hold dearest to me enjoying this book, is a very cherished memory for me. Oscar Lives Next Door attracts children of all ages. While my two-year-old niece, Katelyn, really enjoyed the illustrations, Charlotte got excitement from reading a story about her ‘Grandpa Oscar.’ I am grateful to Bonnie for deciding to write this book, and hope to one day meet her in person to thank her. In the meantime, sincerest congratulations from both Kelly and myself,” said Celine Peterson.

The 18th QWF Awards Gala took place, Tuesday, at the Corona Theatre in Montreal. The QWF Awards include six $2,000 book prizes for Fiction, Non-Fiction, Poetry, First Book, Translation, and Children’s and Young Adult Literature.

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