Alzheimer Society Music Project

Everyone has a moment. The moment when music, in all of its richness, makes your life better.

JAZZ.FM91 and Alzheimer Society of Toronto have partnered to bring awareness of the importance and impact that music has on those suffering with dementia. Every Tuesday morning, Garvia Bailey presents the popular feature “Music Memory” on Good Morning Toronto. Garvia asks a listener, musician or a member of the JAZZ.FM91 staff to describe a music memory.

The Power of Music

Music can allow a person living with dementia to rediscover pleasure in the world. Alzheimer Society Music Project was created in response to overwhelming evidence showing the beneficial effects of music and stimulation on people living with dementia.

Through the Alzheimer Society Music Project, personalized playlists are provided to support a person living with dementia and improve their quality of life.

The Alzheimer Society Music Project is available to families at no cost upon approval.

Personalized music has the power to:
• Act as a conduit of memory.
• Improve cognition and communication.
• Improve mood.
• Produce other desirable forms of interaction.

Although each individual’s response to personalized music is unique, chances are that he or she will benefit from an increased quality of life, and that you and the person with dementia will gain a peaceful, relaxing way to renew your relationship. Click here for more information.