Adam Inrig

Born and raised in Hamilton, Ontario, Adam grew up in a very musical household with four siblings who also play musical instruments as well as his parents and numerous extended family members. Taking a keen interest in drumming at an early age, Adam’s parents started him on drum lessons when he was just six years old. Throughout all his years in elementary school and high school, Adam took lessons and studied drumming with Dave Simpson. He now continues to study music and drumming with the distinguished faculty of the Applied Music Program at Mohawk College. Adam has earned and upheld a strong academic standing at Mohawk College and is currently completing his third and final year before moving on to obtain a degree in music.

Throughout his career in drumming, Adam has studied, played and performed various styles of music including jazz, big band, rock, fusion, broadway, latin, funk, r&b and classical. Growing up, Adam primarily loved to play rock music. However, at eleven years of age, Adam was recommended to audition for drums in the Junior Band for the Hamilton All Star Jazz Band organization. After passing the audition and playing with this band, Adam developed a true love for jazz music. As he progressed through the organization from the Junior Band to the Rising Star Band and ultimately, to the All Star Band, he regularly played live big band jazz performances throughout Ontario as well as other parts of Canada and the U.S.A. He recently completed his seventh year playing for the HASJB and continues to play in other big bands and small jazz groups in and around the Hamilton and Toronto area. Playing and performing in these ensembles while growing up, throughout high school and post-secondary, has provided the means for Adam to discover his true passion and love for drumming, performing and music as a whole. Adam has been fortunate to study privately, experience one-off lessons and perform in ensembles under the direction of various highly respected musicians such as Dave Simpson, Kevin Dempsey, Pat Collins, Adrean Farrugia, David Braid, Anthony Michelli, Rob Santos and Russ Weil. His time spent studying with these esteemed musicians has also helped Adam to make many valuable connections within the music industry. As a result, this has shaped him into a very well-rounded musician providing him many opportunities to play drums in varied performances and recording sessions.

Aside from drumming, Adam also studies/plays the piano, guitar and tenor saxophone which has greatly helped him to understand the theory side of music and to have more of an appreciation and awareness of all that music has to offer. Adam also enjoys composing his own music and arrangements ranging from jazz to rock to fusion. Music has always played a central role in Adam’s life and is something with which he will always be associated. In the up and coming future, Adam aspires to play, record and teach drums and music on a professional level to fulfill his passion for experiencing and sharing music with others.


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