A donor’s HYORS experience

Here at JAZZ.FM91, we are excited and grateful to hear about your Jazz experiences, and why you donate to the station.

We recently received this message from donor Russ Thompson about his Host Your Own Radio Show experience.

“We have been donors to JAZZ.FM91 for many years now. Not as long as some, certainly, but we do feel as though we are part of a “like-minded” community. At first, our donations were smallish: one might say “entry level”. Over the years, however, we have seen more and more value in JAZZ.FM91 and all of its diverse programs. This is much more than just the various shows and their hosts. In fact, we reached a point last year where the thought of hosting my own radio show seemed like it could be a fun thing to do. With the encouragement of my wife I did just that. Recently, we were at the station to record my second show.

Our total annual contributions were enough to select a Host Your Own Radio Show (HYORS) as a thank-you. I was more than a little bit nervous and wondered what my selections and opinions could possibly do to enhance anyone’s listening. The idea was a bit daunting, but my wife insisted that all would be fine. I asked Heather to help and co-host with me and she was a great help to make me feel at home in the studio. I have studied music performance, listened to a lot, know what I love and why. Heather, Annie and Billy made the process easy and so comfortable. Furthermore, hosts like Heather and Brad made me realize that sharing what you like and why is a good thing in this jazz community of ours. Since the HYORS we feel even more involved in the station, almost like we’re a part of the family and it’s a great sensation.

I’m sure that no donor makes contributions to get anything out of the station. There are many worthwhile causes to which we all can donate. Many may be on the cusp of donation values approaching that for a HYORS. We have found that the wide variety of thank-you gifts such as Live-to-Airs, safaris and special events to be great ways to receive acknowledgement from the station. However, none quite approach the uniqueness of a HYORS and, for that, we say a big thank-you. We can’t imagine not doing this every campaign.”

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