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Mark Wigmore's Top 3 - Week of February 28th

Tuesday, 28 February 2017 11:32

It’s the beginning of the week, and so Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore shares his top picks for your arts and entertainment week ahead.


Starting with Cirque Eloize at the Sony Centre, a troupe that one critic deemed ‘Cirque Du Soleil’s hipper sexier cousin’. The show ‘Cirkopolis’ arrives on Wednesday via one of the hottest Cirque acts out of Montreal.

The Sony Centre recently announced extra performances due to demand. It’s theatre, dance and acrobatics within a stylized metropolis setting, and Cirkopolis features an original score as well. The New York Times wrote “There aren’t more beautiful [shows than Cirkopolis]”. Cirque Eloize is at the Bluma Appel Theatre in the St. Lawrence Centre through the 18th. Visit for more.


Superhero movie fans can expect a mutant of a different colour this week. If you are a men-in-tights fanatic, or just a casual Marvel movie attendee, prepare yourself for something totally different from Hugh Jackman as the Wolverine.

‘Logan’ is the third Wolverine focused film and, amazingly, the ninth time this character has appeared on the big screen; six X-Men films round out the list. This is unquestionably the most adult-focused release from the Marvel organization to date. It’s a gritty, violent, and genre specific vision of Wolverine. For many fans, it's the film they have always wanted to see when it comes to this character.'Logan' is a shocking transition for the Marvel franchise. It opens on Friday. Full review on JAZZ.FM91 with Brad Barker this Thursday at 4:30 p.m.


And spring is seemingly upon us, and that means comedy in the city. The latest from The Second City is on the way and beginning Wednesday, the 12th Annual Toronto Sketch Comedy Festival begins.

Over 60 sketch comedy acts from across North America are set to perform as part of the festival at venues like The Theatre Centre, Comedy Bar, The Drake Underground and The Randolph Theatre.

There’s a moment from ‘The Beaverton’, the on-purpose fake news satirical program that lampoons Canuck headlines. The popular show will go ‘live on stage’ as part of Sketchfest 2017. See it on Saturday March 11th at the Randolph Theatre. Click here for info.

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