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    The Artistry Of...

    The Artistry Of highlights, reflects, and celebrates. It mixes and shares language from different artistic disciplines; a musician is a poet; a singer’s voice is described as colorful, and an artist stuns and blinds your senses with the brilliance of their creative energy and expression.

    Listen for The Artistry Of - Wednesday evenings in the third hour of Dinner Jazz on JAZZ.FM91.

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    The Artistry Of... Jimmy Smith

    Written by John Devenish

    So – when I think of what groovy sounds like think of Jimmy Smith. I think of pulsating rhythm, music you can’t help moving to and a whole way of being. I see my culture all over his music; slyness, sophisticated naughtiness, smart and playful; all about the poise.

    The Artistry Of... Jackie Richardson

    Written by John Devenish

    She’s a story teller with some amazing stories to tell; life stories, her stories and other’s too. When in performance she delivers in a way that is uniquely her own. The tone of her voice is the treasure. A richness of invitation and welcoming. Every time she makes music you must make time to stop and listen – I’ve heard her just humming along to a tune and it’s as engaging and as alive as the full on performance.

    The Artistry Of... Lizz Wright

    Written by John Devenish

    Thursday, 22 January 2015 10:30

    What if no one could tell you what you do or how to do it? What if your creativity and artistry was that independent?  What if all of that defiance penetrated so deep into your audience and new fans that it was just how you are celebrated? You’d be Lizz Wright.

    The Artistry Of... Stan Getz

    Written by John Devenish

    When I think of the way Stan Getz made music I imagine a musical snowglobe. Pieces of a whole shaken and then falling beautifully all over the placed. I think of a man with his heart and soul on the creative pulse of all the scatterlings of the best feelings, sounds and wishes of of the Americas.

    The Artistry Of... Esperanza Spalding

    I think she’s the love child of jazz and liberty. So much freedom in creativity and expression. Charmed with drive. Doing things her way and celebrating being at odds with almost everything about the mainstream.

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