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    The Artistry Of...

    The Artistry Of highlights, reflects, and celebrates. It mixes and shares language from different artistic disciplines; a musician is a poet; a singer’s voice is described as colorful, and an artist stuns and blinds your senses with the brilliance of their creative energy and expression.

    Listen for The Artistry Of - Wednesday evenings in the third hour of Dinner Jazz on JAZZ.FM91.

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    The Artistry Of... Kat Edmonson

    I just want to hear a singer sing. My mother was a vocal coach and my younger sister now does the same as a profession and the ongoing nurturing theme was, and is, 'let me hear you sing'. Sing me the story; tell me what it’s all about. When Kat Edmonson is in conversation she is singing the story.

    The Artistry Of... Dee Dee Bridgewater

    She is ‘Glinda’, Good Witch of the South from The Wiz. One of the queens of Broadway in the 70s.  Gentle, genuine and so soulful  real; a super storybook magical woman! Geoffrey Holder , family on my late mom’s side directed that show in NY and it was part of defining me, it’s music, how I looked and felt – Her artistry is taking the story and adding the soul.

    The Artistry Of... Cassandra Wilson

    Cassandra Wilson.  Well - she’s a southerner. Warmth, fearlessness, directed, laid back and courageous.  Blues, country, and folk are her all-American music roots. A dash of each of those and you have a recipe that makes for a superb musical feast. 

    The Artistry Of... Cyrille Aimee

    Stew – gumbo – down home…music or food it’s that same good feeling.

    The Artistry Of... Paul Desmond

    Written by John Devenish

    What if every emotion had a cool version? A B-side that was just so smooth. A cool way to cry, a cool laugh, a cool sad or happy?

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