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    The Artistry of ... Kate McGarry

    This week's Artistry of ... , Features Kate McGarry

    The sentiments in Kate McGarry’s voice are rooted in a rich musical series of experiences and family background. She grew up in Massachusetts, in a big family. All musicians a lovers of music. She fondly remembers her mother taking her to a favourite Irish pub to listen to music and the impact that experience had on her. Remembering she says, “Seeing live performers that early, seeing people tell these really deep stories, it had a big influence on me.” McGarry is married to musician Keith Ganz. Their musical partnership saw an early stint writing music for children. That is music that demands a special honesty. The tenth anniversary of music and life partnership was celebrated with their album Genevieve and Ferdinand. Kate’s life experiences are soulful and enriching. Her music reflects this. In a very sweet way it’s summed up in comments about performing in Canada; they are heartwarming in this country’s 15oth anniversary. This comes from an old Ottawa Citizen article; “…I feel like Canadian people… It always seems to me like, wow, they’re humanitarian and spiritual,” Just listen to her sing. Humanitarian and spiritual.

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