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    The Group of Seven Guitar Project with the McMichael Canadian Art Collection

    Dates: May 28th - October 29th
    Venue: The McMichael Canadian Art Collection

    Seven guitar-makers, 7 iconic artists, 7 one-of-a-kind masterworks.

    Taking over the length of one of McMichael’s most honourable spaces, The Group of Seven Guitar Project will feature seven masterwork guitars. 

    Commissioned from seven world-renowned Canadian guitar makers in homage to a particular Group of Seven member and Tom Thomson, will be presented in the round, allowing viewers to walk around and explore the various landscapes in wood and inlay hosted by the musical instrument.

    Celebrating its 50th Anniversary, The McMichael Canadian Art Collection stands alone as the only publicly funded fine art gallery in the nation that focuses on Canadian art and the Indigenous art of our country, both historical and contemporary. 

    With a permanent collection consisting of over 6,400 artworks by Tom Thomson, the Group of Seven, their contemporaries, First Nations and more artists who have contributed to the development of Canadian art.

    The Group of Seven Guitar Project


    • May 28th: Jesse Cook performs with the F.H. Varley Guitar by Grit Laskin
    • June 18th: Sergei de Jonge showcases his J.E.H MacDonald Jesse Cook Guitar with Emma Rush
    • July 26th: Tony McManus performs on the Lawren Harris Guitar created by Luthier Linda Manzer
    • August 27th: Luthier David Wren unveils the Franklin Carmichael Guitar with Mike Francis
    • September 17th: Don Ross plays the Frank Johnson Guitar from Luthier George Gray
    • October 29th: Kevin Breit performs with the Arthur Lismer Guitar by Tony Duggan-Smith

    JAZZ.FM91 is a proud partner of the McMichael Canadian Art Collection.  Learn more about this incredibly unique art gallery, that we are so lucky to have in our arts community, visit McMichael.com

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