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    Ruby - Eric St-Laurent Trio

    The Eric St-Laurent Trio released their new record "Ruby" this week. The followup to their debut record "Epoch" from 2010, this new record promises to hit harder.

    St-Laurent explains, "With this new album, we're refining the telepathic skills within the group. There's a lot more interplay between us - we are becoming a band that thinks as one, and you can hear it right away".

    Nica's Dream - David Kastin

    altKathleen Annie Pannonica Rothschild de Koenigswater better known as Nica (yes it is the Nica immortalized in numerous jazz tunes) had, to say the least, a colourful life.

    Bob McAlpine - Only A Fool Would Play That

    altGuitarist Bob McAlpine has done something that many would not be able to. On his new record "Only a Fool Would Play That" Bob takes 13 Steely Dan tracks and plays them all solo.

    Covering the bass parts, the chords, the melodies and even the solos all at the same time is an impressive feat to say the least.

    Five After Four - Rome In A Day


    Vito Rezza's band, Five After Four, has released 6 albums since they began. Peter Cardinali a long-time friend of Rezza's has been a member of the band for the last 3.

    The new record, "Rome in a Day" on Alma Records, marks a return to simplicity for the group, tightening the band up and not including any of the notable guest stars (Michael Brecker, Joey DeFrancesco, Guido Basso, etc...) that have featured on past records.

    Vito and Peter were live with JAZZ.FM91 host Brad Barker at the TD Jazz Festival June 30th to plug "Rome In A Day" and their show that night opening for Bela Fleck and the Flecktones

    Robi Botos Trio - Place To Place


    Robi Botos, one of the best pianists in Canada today, has spent the last few years playing with pretty much everyone but has released very little music of his own.

    Well... the wait is over with the release of his new record Place To Place on A440.

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