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Friday, 06 January 2017 14:15

This Sunday from 8-9am, it’s Arts Toronto with your host Mark Wigmore on JAZZ.FM91.

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Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling are the leads in the jazz/musical comedy hit, La La Land, but as award season launches Sunday night at the Golden Globe Awards, it’s becoming clear the film’s other star is the music. Justin Hurwitz is the young composer behind a slew of jazz-tinged films that have put the genre back into the mainstream limelight; Guy and Madeline on a Park Bench, Oscar winner Whiplash, and the aforementioned La La Land. The trio of titles marks a blossoming collaboration between Hurwitz and wunderkind director Damien Chazelle. Their latest project sees Ryan Gosling as a struggling jazz musician, falling for a burgeoning actress portrayed by Emma Stone. Both are following their dreams in the heady mix of opportunity and disillusionment found in Los Angeles. La La Land is built on a whole slew of genres and styles, but with a heart of jazz. There are big brash Broadway Musical Theatre numbers, homages to the charm of MGM musical comedies from Hollywood’s golden age, and simple melancholic numbers with piercing melodies sprinkled through the score. To accomplish this musical feat, Hurwitz toiled for years, recording countless demos for his end product. His commitment is paying off. The film is nominated for 7 Golden Globe Awards Sunday, including Best Score and Best Song. Mark Wigmore spoke to Justin Hurwitz from his offices in Los Angeles.

And, the The Golden Globes Ceremony airs this Sunday night on NBC, acting as the unofficial launch for Awards season. Jimmy Fallon is the host of the 74th edition, and this year’s crop of film nominations is one of the best in years. Titles like Manchester By The Sea, Lion, Moonlight, Jackie, Hell or High Water, La La Land and Fences are vying for top spots, and Senior Arts Editor Mark Wigmore will sort through the films nominated in 2017.

And, musician Roberto Occhipinti usually has a whole slew of projects on the go. Whether it’s working on a recording, playing shows or teaching, he always seems to be up to something…Lately, his efforts have revolved around his new record, Stabilimento. Community Arts Reporter Shirley Camia caught with Roberto to learn more.

And, Toronto’s East End has always been in the shadow of its big theatre brother in the west, but that’s about to change… in a big way. Streetcar Crowsnest is brand new venue for the performing arts and arrives via a collaboration between the historic Crow’s Theatre company, and posh loft and boutique hotel developers, Streetcar. The multimillion dollar facility is set to open to the public next week after years of planning and 9 months of construction. Cracking the Streetcar Crowsnest doors coincides with the first production being offered as part of Crow’s 34th season. The Wedding Party, is a rollicking comedy that features a slew of top drawer actors, portraying the families of the bride and groom in question. The World premiere staging was created by award winning writer and actor Kristen Thomson. East Ender and Crow’s Artistic Director Chris Abraham joins Mark Wigmore in the JAZZ.FM91 studios to talk about The Wedding Party, and his new theatre home at Carlaw and Dundas.

All that and beautiful jazz for a Sunday morning. Catch the show from 8-9am on Sunday.

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